Ceauseșcu’s classic limo, a gift from Iran’s Shah, sold for €37,000 in Bucharest auction


At a Bucharest hotel known as a “den of spies” during the Cold War, the former Romanian dictator’s car was sold to Iranians nostalgic for the days of the Shah.

The couple who have travelled from Dusseldorf to buy the former dictator of Romania’s car aren’t buying it for its Cold War connection – but for its connection to Shah Reza Pavlavi and because, they say, it reminds them of their childhood.

“For us the meaning of this car is not related to Ceaușescu, it’s the relation to the Shah,” says Behrus Akbari, speaking to press after the auction, shortly after she and her husband had beat an unknown telephone bidder to buy the car for €37,000.

The couple, dressed opulently and speaking German and English fluently, see it as an important addition to their collection of classic Iranian Paykan cars at their home in Germany. Ms. Akbari admits that they own over 40 such vehicles but refuse to name the priciest.

“It means a lot to us as Iranians, it’s traditional. We have a car collection, we have a Paykan collection, and a W116 from the Shah, the original car. We don’t have a personal relationship to the Shah, but we do have a personal relation to Iran.”

Read more here.

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