Some of my recent articles.

January 2017

Sympathy for the devil? Former Pro-North Korean Finn speaks out – NK News

Interviewed Antti Siika-aho about life as Pyongyang’s man in Helsinki.

Enemy’s enemy? The Trump-supporting “alt-right” and North Korea – NK News

Investigated pro-North Korean sympathies among the so-called “alt-right”.

December 2016

Leap of faith – LEAF Architecture Review

Took a look at the complex world of mosque design.

October 2016

Jim Hosking on the making of this year’s most revolting comedy – Little White Lies

Interviewed Jim Hosking, director of “The Greasy Strangler”.

“Martyr”: Reverend Kim and the family that sued North Korea – NK News

In-depth feature on the disappearance and murder of the Reverend Kim Dong-shik, a 21st martyr killed by North Korea, and his family’s search for justice.

September 2016

Ivy League professor accused of discrepancies in North Korea book NK News

Covered an unpleasant case of alleged plagiarism in the academic world.

August 2016

Exploring the Controversy Around the Government’s Inquiry Into Sharia Law in the UK – VICE UK

Took a look at the use of Sharia courts in the UK and the British government inquiry into their potential abuses.

June 2016

“The pitfalls and perils of public transit projects” – LEAF Architecture Review

Interviewed architects about the challenges of developing public transit projects in the 21st century.

“A Russian crosses the line: A different kind of North Korean defection” – NK News

Took a look at the amazing story of Vasily Yakovlevich Matuzok, who jumped across the DMZ in 1984 and defected.

“Give pucks a chance: ice hockey diplomacy in North Korea” – NK News

Profiled “cultural ambassador” Michael Spavor about his hockey tournament in North Korea and the sanctions vs engagement debate.

May 2016

“An Interview with the Man Recreating 9/11 to ‘Put Those Conspiracy Theories to Bed'” – VICE UK

I spoke with Paul Salo, a Thailand-based businessman, about his plan to recreate 9/11.

“Meeting the British Arms Dealer Who Sold Missiles for North Korea – VICE UK

Interviewed Mick Ranger, once one of the UK’s biggest gun dealers, about his career and imprisonment.

April 2016

“Critical diplomacy: How the UK’s first ambassador to N.Korea operated” – NK News

Spoke to former British ambassador David Slinn about his time as the country’s first representative to North Korea.

“Is the Government’s Anti-Terror Strategy Damaging British School Kids?” – VICE UK

Spoke to students and activists about the effects of the British government’s anti-terrorism PREVENT strategy for VICE UK.

“New book sheds light on North Korea’s abduction programme” – the Guardian/NK News

Interviewed journalist and author Robert Boynton about his fascinating new book “The Invitation-Only Zone: The True Story of North Korea’s Abduction Project” and North Korea’s secretive and brutal abduction program.

March 2016

“How to Smuggle Money into North Korea” How We Get To Next

Took a look at the ways that North Korean defectors get money back home to their families and the impact its having on the regime.

February 2016

“How Primal Scream Therapy Has Survived Five Decades of Strangeness and Controversy” – VICE UK

Examined the history of Primal Therapy, one of the most radical – and controversial – psychiatric treatments around.

January 2016

“Neurology and the meaning of happiness” – Medical Imaging Technology

Interviewed the University of Kyoto’s Wataru Sato about his fascinating research into the causes of human happiness and looked at its implications for mental health.

December 2015

“Building local engagement from the ground-up” – Hotel Management International

Interviewed Carrie Wicks of Firmdale about the challenges of developing hotels which reflect the neighbourhoods they find themselves in.

“The Hive at the UK Pavillion” – LEAF Architecture Review

Short feature looking at the award winning Hive design at the UK Pavillion at last years’ Milan Expo.

“What does the remilitarisation of Japan mean for the region?” – DSSI

I spoke to former British ambassador to Japan Sir David Warren about the Japanese governments plans to expand the country’s military.

“The complex world of museum extension projects” – LEAF Architecture Review

Spoke to experts about the difficulties of designing extensions to major museums, and looked at some of the most successful examples.

“Is Egypt’s hotel market finally bouncing back?” – Hotel Management Middle East

Looked at whether Egypt’s recovering economy could mean new opportunities for the hospitality industry.

“Poker in Pyongyang: Life and death in North Korea’s casinos” – NK News

Investigating the mysterious death of a Macanese casino worker in Pyongyang and the murky world of North Korean casinos.

“Hack and dash: the fight against cybercrime” – Future Banking

Spoke to PwC’s Richard Horne about how banks can best protect themselves from cyberattacks.

November 2015

“Inside the Secret World of an Undercover FBI Agent” – VICE

Interviewed former FBI undercover agent Bob Hamer about his life and career.

“Investigating the Ponzi Scheme Film Producer Who Disappeared Without a Trace” – VICE UK

Investigated the mysterious disappearance of alleged fraudster, Hollywood producer and financier Felix Vossen.

“With the hand: the future of mechanical gloves” – Medical Device Developments

Took a look at a new line of mechanical gloves coming out of Harvard University, which could represent a real breakthrough in robotic prosthetic gloves.

“Rejoice – cheese might be better for you than you think” – Ingredients Insight

Looked at new claims that cheese has been unfairly maligned as an unhealthy food.

“The end of sanctions and Iran’s oil market” – Oil & Gas Agenda

Interviewed experts about what the impact the lifting of sanctions will have on Iran’s oil market.

October 2015

“The declining world of room service” – Hotel Management International

I wrote about the future of one of hospitality’s most beloved and exclusive traditions.

“Filming Dennis Rodman’s ill-fated N.Korea goodwill tour” – NK News and the Guardian

Interviewed the filmmaker behind the “Big Bang in Pyongyang” documentary.

“The plot to smuggle 100 kg of ‘N. Korean’ meth into America” – NK News

Investigated a complex plot to bring North Korean crystal methamphetamines into the USA.

“Iran back in the running: A country’s future in hospitality” – Hotel Management Middle East

Spoke to industry players about the future of Iranian hospitality.

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